‘The perfect Houseboat, close to Dam Square, Vondelpark, Leidse Square’

If you’re planning to visit Amsterdam, we highly recommend to rent at a houseboat – ‘one of the most life changing events that ever happened to me’, according to Virgin Owner Richard Branson. And why not the perfect houseboat? Our long term houseboat rental ‘Arden’ is located on a picturesque canal among the real local Amsterdammers of Oud-West. As fellow boat-locals in Oud-West, without a doubt one of the most authentic and original parts of the city, we are proud to say that this area does not have any tourist traps and you can truly experience great variety, food and shops among the locals. The boat has two separate bedrooms and is well equipped for two foreign students or expats. The boat is also available for couples.

For short term houseboat rentals in Amsterdam, check Bookahouseboat.com.

Our houseboat has large sliding windows with view at the waterside. This offers not only a unique sight of the Amsterdam water life, but also a typical reflexion on the ceiling, especially at night when the old street lanterns are lit. There is simply no new age CD, whale sounds or Nepalese singing bowl that can beat that!


More great long term houseboat rentals

For more great long term houseboat rentals in Amsterdam, check the houseboat collection on their website. If you can’t find a suitable houseboat just leave them a message.


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Why you should rent a houseboat in Amsterdam

Let’s be honest; we all try to do something different when we travel but mostly, we wind up doing the same thing. It’s true, walking tours and hotel chains always seem to feature on a city break but when do we really venture out to try something new? Now: that’s not to say there is anything wrong with either of the above but there are only so many times when you can do the same thing and expect a different outcome. In other words, travel is supposed to be about new experiences and booking a houseboat in Amsterdam is surely a lot more exciting than another night at the Best Western or any other hotel in the city.

When you rent a houseboat for the first time, you will realize why change is the only constant in life. Even when the houseboat of your choice is moored along the quay, a so called stationary houseboat. You see, water is flowing, ducks and geese swim by, and a wide variety of boats will pass your temporary floating holiday home. And why not rent a boat to cruise over the countless canals in Amsterdam? As you make your way around the canals, the surroundings are constantly changing. You can feel the wind change with the weather and drifting from one neighborhood to the next, the facades are always colorful with vintage stores, art galleries and historical monuments at every turn. That change is really something unique.